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Poodle Breeders Rome GA

Think about having a lovely dog at home? The Poodle comes in three sizes. They are a highly intelligent breed with a coat considered hypoallergenic. See the following for more details.

Darling Pets
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225 Broad St
Rome, GA

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ShowSeason Naturals
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Tucker, GA

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Healthy Pet Solutions
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Precious Paws
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Melia Luxury Pet
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185 Laredo Dr.
Decatur, GA

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Shore Dog
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60 Wiltshire Drive
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online store with local delivery in North GA
Woodstock, GA

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The Poodle comes in three sizes. They are a highly intelligent breed with a coat considered hypoallergenic.

Physical Characteristics

  • Poodles come in three sizes: standard, miniature and toy
  • Coat: Curly, long hair
  • Wide ears hang close to the head
  • Oval eyes; eye color matches the coat
  • Height: Toy, up to 10 inches; miniature, 10-15 inches; standard, 15 inches or taller
  • Weight: Toy, 6-9 pounds; miniature, 15-17 pounds; standard, 45-70 pounds
  • Average lifespan: 12-15 years


  • Very active, smart, good-natured, sensitive, lively, dignified, fast learner
  • Interaction with people: Standard variety is good with children; Toy variety does best with older, gentler children. Both wary of strangers
  • Interaction with animals: Good with other dogs and pets
  • Level of attention needed: Needs lots of human interaction
  • Training: Easily trained
  • Protection: Toy variety good watchdog

At Home

  • OK in apartments
  • All sizes need yard
  • Needs daily walks
  • Loves to run, swim and retrieve
  • The Standard variety needs more activity than smaller versions


  • Non-shedder; considered hypoallergenic
  • Needs extensive grooming and regular baths
  • Clip coat every six to eight weeks; it will cord if left to grow naturally
  • Check ears frequently for mites; pull out ear hair if necessary

Brief History

  • The country of origin is controversial since the poodle was found throughout Europe
  • Origin dates back to 1500s
  • The barbet is considered the earliest version of the poodle
  • The word "poodle" comes from the German pudel or pudelin (to splash in the water)
  • Known in France as "chien canard" (duck dog) for its duck-hunting skills
  • High intelligence, inherent showmanship and trainability led the French to use poodles as circus performers
  • A favorite of French aristocracy; by 1800s was the national dog of France

Fido's Facts

  • There’s only one poodle breed; the terms of standard, miniature and toy describe size only
  • Popularity in France led to the term "French poodle"
  • They're great swimmers - the coat adapts easily to water
  • Puffs of fur around the legs were introduced in France during the breed's circus performing days
  • Bouffant coat style began in early 1900s
  • The toy and miniature varieties were bred down from the original, standard-sized dog; bred to be truffle hunters, since they did less damage to the truffles with their feet
  • The custom of styling the coat was created to enhance its swimming ability

Medical Co...

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