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Holistic Pet Care Clarksburg WV

Are you thinking that traditional pet care and medicine is not helping your animal like it should be? You may want to consider looking into holistic pet care to get your favorite pet the help and relief it needs when it is in pain.

Holistic Animal Care Clarksburg WV

Healing the whole animal Holistic pet care is an emerging trend in the pet health arena. “I recognized the need to look at things from the ‘whole’ perspective of the animal early on,” said Jean Dodds, a pioneer in the field of holistic veterinary medicine and founder of Hemopet, the largest animal blood bank in the country, headquartered in Garden Grove, Calif. “Now we can discuss holistic care...

Organic and Recycled Pet Products Clarksburg WV

Everyone, including your pets, loves a good night's sleep. Now it can be even better with an earth-friendly pet bed . These beds are made from the best organic cotton and fiber made from recycled plastic bottles.

Organic Pet Food Clarksburg WV

Organic pet food overview Just as organic food is touted as beneficial to the human diet, organic food can greatly improve the health of your pet. No longer relegated to the aisles of musty health food stores, organic and natural foods , both fresh and packaged, have now gone mainstream and are easily found -- and often prominently displayed -- in the aisles of most supermarkets around the count...