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Dogs Palmer AK

Dog lovers are everywhere and they are as loyal as their four-legged companions. Give your favorite pooch the best care you can with a little help from the following articles about dog breeds, dog care, and everything in between.

Canine Training Services Palmer AK

Punishment should never be considered unless the pet has been provided with the means to satisfy both its nature and its needs. Problems such as chewing and other forms of destructiveness can be part of normal exploratory play.

Dog Aggression Trainers Palmer AK

Dog aggression toward kids Dog aggression is a reality, even though in millions of American households, a dog is very much a member of the family. Parents are often motivated to get a dog by the desire to provide their children with a playmate and companion, and to encourage them to take on the responsibility of caring for another living creature. Unfortunately, domesticated dogs sometimes turn...

Dog Nutritionist Palmer AK

Resolving to lose weight and to become healthier for you and your four-footed friend is always at the top of the list. The New Year is also a good opportunity to become more involved in canine activities. Here are some top 10 resolutions to add to your doggy New Year's list.

Dog Specialists Palmer AK

In submissive urination, you'll see the dog take on a submissive posture when it is approached, holding its ears back, avoiding eye contact, cowering, lowering its body, or even turning onto its back. At the same time that the pup is fearful or anxious, it may be overly excited because it is socially attracted to the owner or visitor。

Dog Therapy Palmer AK

Stress in dogs and how to manage it Stress in dogs can come from a variety of sources, including trauma, physical restraint, change of routine, boredom and separation , to name a few. Being aware of these things can help you minimize stress in your dog's life. "It's a dog's life.'' How often have we heard that? But what is it really like to be a pet dog living in a human home?

Internal Dog Medicine Palmer AK

At least one case of diarrhea is inevitable in the life of a dog. There are two main types of dog diarrhea -- acute and chronic -- and vets say it's important to recognize the difference between them. Acute diarrhea starts suddenly and lasts for a few days to a week or two. Most acute cases can be handled at home. It can be caused by stress.

Kid Friendly Dogs Palmer AK

When we take that leap of imagination, we can see that canine aggression toward children falls into certain widely recognized clinical categories. In a recent presentation at the annual convention of the American Veterinary Medical Association in New Orleans, Ilana R. Reisner, DVM, a specialist in animal behavior, identified those categories.

Puppy Training Palmer AK

With a consistent routine, most puppies can be trained within a relatively short time, sometimes only days to weeks. This does not mean that a newly trained puppy can be trusted to wander throughout the home without eliminating. You will need to remain vigilant until your puppy is completely house trained.