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Collie Breeders Farmville VA

The Collie is an active and loving herding breed. A long time favorite family pet, this breed requires regular exercise and grooming. For more information please read on the following article.

Suzie's Zoo, Inc
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408-A S. Main St.
Farmville, VA
NalaBone Inc. EcoSafe Biodegradable Plastic Bags
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Fairfax, VA

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Stable Grid System
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Richmond, VA

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Labyrinth Labs
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Moneta, VA

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for the love of pete!
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Noah's Last Stop
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Duke's Natural Distribution
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P.O. Box 2383
Stafford, VA

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Max & Ruffy's
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Arlington, VA

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Happy Woof
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Organic Doggy Kitchen
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The Collie is an active and loving herding breed. A long time favorite family pet, this breed requires regular exercise and grooming.

Physical Characteristics

  • Trim but muscular body
  • Comes in two varieties: rough and smooth coat
  • The rough variety has an abundant double coat
  • The smooth variety has a short coat that requires little grooming
  • Height: 22-26 inches
  • Weight: 60-75 pounds


  • Small ears are carried erect when alert
  • Eyes are almond-shaped and dark
  • Average lifespan: 14-16 years


  • Very smart, good-natured, friendly, playful, gentle, agile, sensitive
  • Interaction with people: Excellent with children; wary of strangers
  • Interaction with animals: Usually good with dogs and noncanine pets
  • Training: Must be trained gently; easily housetrained
  • Protection: Very protective of human family

At Home

  • OK for apartments with sufficient exercise
  • Not recommended for warm climates
  • Energetic outdoors


  • Sheds heavily twice a year
  • Needs thorough weekly brushing
  • Take extra care when the undercoat is shedding
  • The smooth variety has a 1-inch coat and should be brushed every one to two weeks

Brief History

  • Originated in the 1800s in Scotland
  • Descended from generations of hard-working herding dogs
  • Queen Victoria discovered the breed in the 1860s and enthusiastically began to sponsor them, causing a marked surge in popularity
  • Brought to the U.S. as shepherding grew in importance
  • The breed's name probably comes from its charge - the Scottish black-faced sheep called the Colley

Fido's Facts

  • Made famous in the 20th century by the show "Lassie"
  • Legend has it that one collie traveled 2,000 miles to find his family after he became lost
  • The smooth-coated collie is a more popular companion dog in England than the United States
  • For centuries, the rough-coated collie was hardly known outside Scotland; today it’s one of the world's most popular breeds

Medical Conditions

  • Bloat
  • Epilepsy
  • Ophth...

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