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Cats Kahului HI

Cats are among the most popular of house pets, beloved by many. If you count yourself among the cat loving, cat owning crowd read the following articles all about caring for different kinds of cats and the traits that make your furry friend so lovable.

Cat Vaccinations Kahului HI

The question of the duration of vaccine immunity – as well as the diseases for which vaccination is recommended – have received increased attention. In the case of cat vaccinations , however, there has been less hard data available for the veterinary community to base its recommendations on.

Feline Dental Care Kahului HI

Properly brushing your cat's teeth is the most effective means of removing plaque and thereby preventing gum disease and periodontitis in your cat. Brook Niemiec, DVM, a board-certified veterinary specialist, calls it the "gold standard" of feline home dental care, on his Web site .