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Bouvier des Flandres Breeders Denver CO

The Bouvier des Flandres is a brave and powerful breed that is devoted and intelligent. It's a large herding dog that makes a good family pet or military working dog. The dog is calm, obedient, even-tempered, fearless, loyal, protective, and gentle. Please read on to find out more about temperament, home breeding, brief history and fun facts about this amiable pet.

Earthlings Planet-Friendly Pet Care
(303) 868-4655
311 W. 11th Avenue
Denver, CO

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Paws for Peace
(303) 586-6752
Denver, CO

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Global Dog Natural Pet Products
(888) 326-3647
P. O. Box 230
Littleton, CO

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The Grand Poobah
(303) 669-0943
20269 E Smoky Hill Rd #B-125
Centennial, CO

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Holistic Pet Information
(877) 573-8227
16927 W. 71st Place
Arvada, CO

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Pet Pick-Ups
(303) 443-8914
P.O. Box 460547
Denver, CO

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(303) 587-3775
1646 Galena St.
Aurora, CO

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Hero's P.e.t.s. (Planetary & Ecologically Trusted Supplies)
(303) 972-1926
8086 W. Bowles Ave., Unit N
Littleton, CO

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The Good Dog Company
(303) 216-0443
414 Violet Street
Golden, CO

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(303) 393-9156
7505 E 35th Ave
Denver, CO
Monday - Friday: 9:00-9:00
Sunday: 10:00-6:00

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Bouvier des Flandres

The Bouvier des Flandres is a brave and powerful breed that is devoted and intelligent. It's a large herding dog that makes a good family pet or military working dog.

Physical Characteristics

  • Large, square build
  • Oval-shaped eyes, black nose and small, high-set ears
  • Naturally without tail; those born with tails are usually docked
  • Shaggy beard and eyebrows
  • Coat: Wiry, thick hair with soft undercoat; coat colors come in a variety of colors
  • Height: 22-28 inches
  • Weight: 60-90 pounds
  • Average lifespan: 10-12 years


  • Calm, obedient, even-tempered, fearless, loyal, protective, gentle
  • Interaction with people: Good with children; wary of strangers
  • Interaction with animals: Gets along with other pets and dogs if socialized as puppies
  • Protection: Good guard dog; ideal farm dog

At Home

  • OK for apartments
  • Needs long daily walks
  • Enjoys playing outside
  • Do not over-exercise as puppies


  • Average shedder
  • Needs daily brushing
  • May require professional trimming throughout the year
  • Trim hair inside ears and between pads of feet

Brief History

  • Originated in Belgium and France; found on both the French northern plain and in southwest Flanders
  • First used as a cattle herding dog
  • Lost function and popularity upon the invention of the automobile
  • Assisted soldiers during World War I with search-and-rescue and carrying messages
  • Breed was almost extinct after World War I, but was built back up

Fido's Facts

  • This breed's name means "cowher...

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